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Grace Williams - Take Me Away '2009
08.05.2010, 15:06
Grace Williams - Take Me Away

Grace Williams
Альбом: Take Me Away
Дата выпуска: Aug 23, 2009
Жанр: Worship | Prise
Лейбл: Whitaker House | Mashach Publishing
Формат | Качество: mp4 / 256 kbps
Размер файла: 103 mb

Track list:

01. Wanna' Go
02. Come On In
03. Atmosphere of Heaven
04. Healing Oil
05. So Beautiful
06. Show Me Your Glory
07. Wings of Love
08. Undeniable
09. Wake Me Up
10. Hold'n On
11. Take Me Away 

"Grace is a worship artist, ordained psalmist, songwriter/producer.? She operates with a Davidic anointing to capture the fresh sounds of heaven.? Her angelic voice brings healing, peace and comfort to the nations. ?Listen and you'll hear a voice within her voice moving you closer to the heart of God. ?Catch this messenger of the Spirit...It's more than music!"??

My story begins pretty much at birth when I was born prematurely with water on my lungs. My chest would concave several inches as I gasped for breath in intensive care. Doctors gave up all hope for my tiny frame to survive as I lost a third of my body weight just struggling to breathe. On the 10th day I was miraculously healed and sent home with the name, Grace..."when God does what we can't do".?

My mother remembers an angel visiting me in my crib when I was a few months old and then I was filled with the Spirit when I was three years old. My mom was rocking my sister to sleep praying in tongues when she surprisingly heard beautiful melodies wafting from her toddler. I was singing in tongues and shortly after I heard a piano for the first time at a neighbor's Bible study. I reached my tiny hands up stroking the keys and said, "Mama, I want one of these." ?The rest is history as I continue to be love sick for the Lord. I have always felt God's presence singing over me and sensed His calling to echo His voice to the nations. I am continuing in the journey of my great, great, great, great grandfather, Orceneth Fisher, a holiness preacher who carried the Glory and traveled the West Coast igniting Revival Fires as an early apostle to California. The Fire of His holy zeal still burns within me as this is my inheritance! I currently minister in our family church www.ocremnant.org in Orange County, California where God is stirring the Revival embers.


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